Training for Hypertrophy: Muscle Growth - M. Usman

Training for Hypertrophy: Muscle Growth

By M. Usman

  • Release Date: 2015-02-11
  • Genre: Medical


Table of Contents

Getting Started
Chapter # 1: Bigger & Better
Chapter # 2: How Heavy?
Chapter # 3: Failure or Not
Chapter # 4: Getting Stronger
Techniques to Consider
Chapter # 1: Progression
Chapter # 2: Things to Ponder Over
Chapter # 3: Exercise Selection
Being Practical
Chapter # 1: Warm ups
Chapter # 2: Exercise Performance
Chapter # 3: Schedule
Chapter # 4: De-load Week
Chapter # 5: Supplements
Author Bio


There are oven a dozen approaches to how a person should workout, what supplements he/she should consume, or what time of day he should wake up in order to build muscle. Unfortunately, only a few of them make it to the top trusted list when there’s time for a reality check. If the top charts are examined closely, any one could easily see that every approach that does make it to the top is something along the lines of “Lift Progressively Higher Weights and Eat Periodically”.

Gym goers, as well as natural enthusiasts, have been too concerned with the tiny details of muscle building like insulin regulation, carbohydrates source, timing, muscle synthesis, and what not. All these signs and details are only vacillations that prevent them from admitting the truth behind their lack of commitment and technique. Thus, to save you from all this, this book will now explain the specific science behind muscle building, so that you’ll know exactly how the body works and what must be done to accomplish muscle growth.

The book will tell you about “Muscle Hypertrophy”; read on and find out about this audibly heavy phrase!